The VRcade: A Virtual Reality Platform for Truly Immersive Gaming


VRcade creates an all-in-one system that delivers an interactive experience that is second to none. By combining the latest advancements in immersive head mounted displays, motion capture systems, and real-time 3D engines, VRcade systems deliver a high fidelity, low-latency experience that makes the VRcade Gridspace a 3D human interface with limitless potential.

Ultimate VR Gaming Experience

VRcade at Comicon

VRcade demonstrated the latest wireless virtual reality gaming platform with Hub-Zero at Dubai Comicon, 2016. The system is designed for out-of-home entertainment centers and enables wireless, high-fidelity virtual reality. Players wear a custom VRcade head-mounted display and use a proprietary pistol or controller to interact with the game. The wireless technology allows for complete freedom of movement and enables multi-player in the same space. The system can be deployed in a wide variety of environments and is designed around performance, durability, and hygience.

A New Generation of Gaming

Time Zombies

Time Zombies is an interactive survival shooter game which allows the player to walk around and brings you as close to experiencing the "Walking Dead" as anything else today. Participants who find themselves playing the Time Zombies shooter game will be instructed to don the VRcade wireless headset and grasp onto a fluorescent colored gun.

VRcade in Action

Full-Motion Wireless
VR Gaming

An entirely new platform for gaming, utilizing your entire body. Your body becomes the perfect controller and allows you to use your real-life athletic skills to compete in-game.
The technology is wireless and can scale in a room as small as 15' x 15' or as large as 150' x 75' (~11,000 square feet), users are able to explore and interact with virtual environments with no wires and completely intuitive movements. The experience is advertised to be fluid, seamless, natural and completely intuitive.

Features / Specifications

vrcade 이미지2

Utilizes predictive motion technology to offer smooth and realistic head motion

Multiple players are free to walk, turn, kneel and look about naturally

Supports full physical motion within small to large spaces

Totally wireless


Compatible with many existing game technologies and formats

Popular games can be customized for the VRcade experience

Single and dual-player modes are available


Uses ultra-fast positional tracking cameras operating at under 8 milliseconds

Multiple high-speed infra-red cameras never lose track of both; people and devices alike

Specification for
VRstudios HMD
Gen 4 wireless

1280x800p display with a latency of < 45ms

Wireless transmission signal is 1920x1080@60hz in the 60Ghz band with less than

1ms of transmission latency

FOV = 100 degrees

2 ½ hour battery life

Removable, hygienic face liners

Specification for
Laser Gun

Optical trigger, no signal is transmitted

Rated at 600,000 trigger pulls

Weight = 10.9 oz

VRcade space/size

Arcade systems: from 15' x 15' up to 30' x 30'

Arena systems: from 1000sf up to 10,000sf


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